Thursday, May 14, 2009

Better Integrity Janay Photos

I have added a few more photos to the Integrity Playline folder I have at Webshots. Please see at this link:

Integrity Playline folder


East Philly DAFs: Janay Clan - Introduction

Left to right: Pierre Janay and his siblings - Netta, Phaedra and Madea (twins), and Tariq

The Janays are a prominent East Philadelphian family. Pierre Janay, oldest of the Janays, recently returned from a covert military assignment. He has many daughters - you can't throw a stone in East Philly without hitting one of his offspring. Netta Janay has one daughter, Mikkay, and owns Netta's Den, a gentleman's club. Fay Janay owns and runs the local voodoo shop. Dea Janay, mother of toddler twins Rashid and Latifa, has recently returned to singing at Netta's Den. Tariq Janay is the favorite fashion photographer in the city.

Who's who in the doll and action figure world? All Janays and Tariq are Integrity Toys products; Pierre is by M&C Toys.

Pierre Janay is a M&C Power Team action figure

Annette "Netta" Janay is the first Club Icon Janay

Phaedra "Fay" Janay is the Tribal Treasures Janay

Medea "Dea" Janay is the Fashion Insider Award Nite Janay (Dealer version)

Tariq Janay is the Fashion Insider Award Nite Tariq