Monday, July 18, 2011

Upcoming Third Anniversary of PhillyCollector of Playscale Dolls

Time flies? Well, it can and does move quicker than expected when you're doing something you enjoy. So here I am, three years after I began this blog, PhillyCollector. Yes, three years. I've learned how to upload photos and insert links. I've wrestled with HTML to present lists and tables ... we won't say who won those early battles. Suffice to note: I am NOT backing down yet. Puff.

In fact, I am considering a blog update. No! some of you might be thinking. Please keep this cluttered format. Please. How else will we recognize you? By your cough wit? Ha! Yes, an update is overdue for the blog.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I value your opinions. You are readers of PhillyCollector. Let me know what you think I need to do to refresh.  I'll consider doing it.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!