Sunday, February 16, 2014

Decision Made About Hasbro Kristen, Maxie's "Best Friend"

I've been pondering this question for a few years now: should I keep Hasbro Maxie friend Kristen or sell her? You'd think I would have decided long ago. She remains unopened in her original box. I don't have a story for her. When I look at her, I think her "lavender" eyes need to be painted. Her eyebrows are too faint. Her face is round ... like the Carly doll in the Maxie series. Probably she has the same face mold as Carly. So she doesn't have a unique face mold.

I do not like the sweet, romantic outfit she wears. Well, the blouse alone might be okay ... with a long black mermaid skirt. Wake up, Dana. Under what circumstance is that blouse acceptable? Just because you might have worn something like that back in 1987 ... shudder at the memory. The fishnet socks curl my nose. I can almost smell the ugly. Fishnet stockings have a dubious charm for certain types of characters. But as socks? Eeeewww. Did we really wear fashions that ugly? (Yes.) 

The yellow huaraches look comfortable. I wonder who else could fit them? Ashley, the only Maxie doll I really like. On the other hand, Kristen's hair looks full and curly. Maybe if I shortened it so that it fit like a shaggy helmet? She has a nice brown complexion. A solid, healthy weight that I approve of. Only ... 

I need to reduce my collection. Need space, want new dolls, and will be moving. Sure, I want to keep some dolls. Some is not all. I want to like this doll more than I do. When I thought that I would be the only collector of playscale dolls and action figures, keeping them all made sense. For posterity, etc. Well, that is not the case. Others have posted photos and information about Kristen online

Now that I made that decision ... what to charge for her? I think $20.00USD. What do you think? On eBay, she seems to go from $19.99 - $29.99. Price suggestions are welcome. Do send them in.