Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finding a New Home for Webshots Photos

I am seeking a new online photo album site that I can use to replace my lost Webshots Albums. I have considered and discounted Flickr, Photobucket, and Picasa. Flickr would create a new bill for expanded services because they limit the photos. Plus I already have photos there. Photobucket seems to require the viewers to have an account there. (Annoying, that.) Picasa is full of my blog photos; I do not want to overload that account. So, I am open to new online photo sites.

Or perhaps I should create a blog with just photos? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A New Year, A New Body: Toy Island’s C.J. Parker Gets Movement

Toy Island produced a trio of Baywatch dolls around 1997. The dolls were to represent the three main characters of that once popular show Baywatch: C.J. Parker, Lt. Mitch Buchannon, and Lt. Stephanie Holden. I may have watched the show ONCE – beach bimbos and himbos never interested me – but I bought C.J. Parker doll. She was about $5.00. New doll face and reduced price = good find and buy to me. The doll does not look like Pamela Anderson. But I rather liked the doll’s look. She looked athletic and maybe a little mean. Ta da – a gym teacher born.

Since then, the doll has been the gym teacher most of the teenagers dread. I was not completely happy with her though. While her original body had a healthy, wholesome look, it had limited movement. Gym teacher dolls ought to be able to pose. Right? So, I decided to upgrade her to a poser Barbie body. Perfect Pink Teresa’s body, precisely. So here are some photos of the transformation:

Perfect Pink Teresa (Mattel) and C.J. Parker (Toy Island) side by side. Drum roll ....

Pam's head removed. Oh, my what a large knob!

Alas, her foot is larger. She will no longer wear those lovely sneakers she had. Flavas' sneakers these are. Sigh, but such sacrifices must be made for the sake of better articulation. She isn't the Cinderella type anyway.

Hello, Pam! She can work her body now. So her neck is not graceful due to that large head hole descending over a Barbie-body neck. Shrug. But she can make those couch potato and wallflower students a miserable run. Bwwwaaahhhh hhhaaaa!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Moderation of Comments ... Change

I have been considering allowing comments to go without moderation. If the comments are recent. Older comments will need to be cleared by me. On the plus side, your comments are submitted quicker. So if I am not online, you can still see your comment. Others can see your comment. This will be good news for some of you - cough, Vanessa, lol - and leave others indifferent. Yes, I am loosening the chains. Hope that change inspires more comments.

On the other hand, I still need to check that the comments are relevant. So for those wanting to leave links about mail order brides or sports stuff, please note: I will delete off-topic posts UNLESS those posts are submitted by "known" doll enthusiasts. Wait, mail order bride and sports stuff will be deleted period. Fair, hmm?

Any comments about comments?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Superhero Monster High Dolls

Monster High has photos and news about the new Super hero MH dolls. Click here.

UFDC Membership?

Are any of you members of UFDC?

Why? I never thought that the Federation had much for Barbie and other playscale figures. Possibly that is an outdated idea.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Webshots Becomes Smile - And I Wanna Cry!

Remember all my lovely links to Webshot photos ... well, you won't be able to click on them to see stuff. No. Webshots has become Smile. And I am doing anything BUT smile.

Okay, I am a little behind on reading my email messages. But no where did I find any messages about Webshots becoming Smile and taking MY photos away from me. How? I cannot access my account. Great gusty sigh. I have to investigate this PROBLEM, but my Webshots account does not work. They do not recognize my e-mail address. My brown eyes are going blue, blue, blue.

But I will find out what happened and update you all.

Update: my photos were not removed before December 31, 2012. So they are gone. Forever.

Have to put on my grown-up face, grit my teeth, and regroup. It isn't my life. No one has died. Breathe in, breathe out. Life goes on. Cleared some typos in this post. Deep breaths again.


Monday, January 7, 2013

Thirteen Resolutions for 2013

Happy New Year! Anyone have any New Year’s Goals and Resolutions? Do share yours or your links about them. Here are mine:

  1. Run the 2012 Halloween contest and distribute prizes.

  2. Gather and photograph dolls and accessories no longer wanted; upload photos to Webshots.

  3. Sell or give away dolls and accessories no longer wanted.

  4. Update current list of dolls and accessories.

  5. Re-body dolls for whom I have upgrade bodies; re-paint some faces.

  6. Write article about 10 favorite DAFs of 2012.

  7. Redo my display areas. Use furniture to create scenes.

  8. Re-paint some faces.

  9. Review Mark Freberg and other doll enthusiasts' photography tips.

  10. Buy a copy of FDQ: In Focus; READ and DO exercises from the guide.

  11. Interview doll/action figure companies and other collectors.

  12. Read DAF blogs and comment more often.

  13. Participate more often in other doll forums online and offline.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Kenya Christmas Doll 2012

Kenya was the Christmas doll for 2012. Here she is beside one of the Christmas trees. She did not approve of the tree decorating. The bells were too big. Shrug.

Twilight 2013 Dolls Seen at Walmart

Note: Esme uses the old Teresa head sculpt. Carlisle and Emmett use Ken molds.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New in 2013 ... Taller Bratz by MGA Entertainment

Happy New Year, all!

It's 2013 and guess who's grown a few inches? You guessed it - the Bratz girls. I visited a Target store and saw an Xpress It Sasha. Here she is.

I did not compare her with any of the nearby Barbies, but here's a link where Bratzboulevard mentions the new Bratz Xpress It doll height - with a comparison photo. Are you thinking about the rebodying aspects? I am. Then again, Bratz Xpress It dolls have click bend knees instead of articulated ones. [And the legs are not so very shapely ...] So maybe not ... until I see someone else do it successfully, lol.

Additional Bratz news or Bratzillaz' news ... the Midnight Beach Bratzillaz are out. They glow in the dark. Impressed? Not me. Shrug. Anyway, these three were available at a Philadelphia Target:




I am thinking that I will pass on these lighten-up beach bunnies. I might buy one of the Xpress It dolls though. Might.