Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A New Year, A New Body: Toy Island’s C.J. Parker Gets Movement

Toy Island produced a trio of Baywatch dolls around 1997. The dolls were to represent the three main characters of that once popular show Baywatch: C.J. Parker, Lt. Mitch Buchannon, and Lt. Stephanie Holden. I may have watched the show ONCE – beach bimbos and himbos never interested me – but I bought C.J. Parker doll. She was about $5.00. New doll face and reduced price = good find and buy to me. The doll does not look like Pamela Anderson. But I rather liked the doll’s look. She looked athletic and maybe a little mean. Ta da – a gym teacher born.

Since then, the doll has been the gym teacher most of the teenagers dread. I was not completely happy with her though. While her original body had a healthy, wholesome look, it had limited movement. Gym teacher dolls ought to be able to pose. Right? So, I decided to upgrade her to a poser Barbie body. Perfect Pink Teresa’s body, precisely. So here are some photos of the transformation:

Perfect Pink Teresa (Mattel) and C.J. Parker (Toy Island) side by side. Drum roll ....

Pam's head removed. Oh, my what a large knob!

Alas, her foot is larger. She will no longer wear those lovely sneakers she had. Flavas' sneakers these are. Sigh, but such sacrifices must be made for the sake of better articulation. She isn't the Cinderella type anyway.

Hello, Pam! She can work her body now. So her neck is not graceful due to that large head hole descending over a Barbie-body neck. Shrug. But she can make those couch potato and wallflower students a miserable run. Bwwwaaahhhh hhhaaaa!


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Pam is fantastic in the body of Teresa. . Keep in touch

Carrickters said...

She certainly looks athletic with her new body, even the thicker neck quite suits her style.

Muff said...

I cant imaging that Pamela A had any approval in that doll because it looks nothing like her. All my gym ladies had short hair so I'm getting more of a gymnastics coach from your doll. Either way she's gonna take someone to task. Make 'em work!

D7ana said...

Hi Marta, Carrickters, and Muff!

@Marta - yes, I agree - Pam looks great on the Teresa body. I'll definitely keep in touch.

@Carrickters - lol about the thick neck.

@Muff - they were probably receiving so many endorsement requests, the doll one escaped Pamela A's notice, lol. I mean, if you had asked me who the doll was, I would NEVER have guessed Pamela A.

That is a great point about gym ladies having shorter hair. I can only recall one gym teacher with long hair and hers was always pinned up. Wonder if my Pam doll should have a hair cut? But doesn't she look as if she would make the girls run through ALL paces? Especially my Jenny girls with the exception of Jane (who either wanted to be a gym teacher or was one per her Takara storyline). My Jenny girls like to dress up and chit chat. Even poseable Mitsuki and newly poseable Tamaki, would rather not break a sweat. Ho ho, do I foretell receiving lots of complaints from them.

Roville said...

A gym teacher definitely needs a moveable body, that was an excellent swap. Her hair could be tied into a ponytail when she is on the court as opposed to cutting it. She probably wants to keep long sexy hair considering the frisky Joes at your house. ;)

D7ana said...

Hi Ro! Yes, I was pleased with the complexion match. Whew. And the body looked suitable in spite of the shortened neck.

Oddly enough, I am cutting one of the Fashion Fever Barbie's hair. I thought about cutting Pam's but I like the "bigness" of her hair ;-D

And the Joes do like her, lol. Especially now ;-D