Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday, Teresa! Drum Roll, Too.

God, it feels good to finally close my legs!

Oh, I didn't know I was on yet. But check the photo of me below. If you were told to assume a dramatic position, well, you might have done it, too. I was supposed to show how flexible I was. I was also supposed to be bought by some kid who would rip open my packaging and take me out of what had quickly become a painful position. My luck though, I go to a collector who doesn't remove me from my box until 14 years later. On a hot and humid late July afternoon. I kicked off my once-cool brown high tops and wrestled out of the pink corduroy wide legged pants and the long-sleeved argyle sweater. Console myself with this thought: if the kid bought me, I'd probably be in pieces. Here's how I posed in the box:


Glad I got out of prison - the box. Why now? I am here to replace another Teresa who was going to bore you with the fashions she inherited from some other Fashion Fever girls. Some officious bit calling herself Izzy-Never-Bella starts snapping orders at me. Yo, Little Mama - who died and made you Queen? She tosses a dress at me, and tells me I won't be able to use the other fashions. The Teresa closet post was scrapped, but drums are on. Guess I am the Teresa understudy. Whatever.

Do any of you remember when my birthday was? First one to write back with the correct date will win a vintage Francie outfit. TBA tomorrow, August 1st.

Wait, bossy Izzy is back with a camera. If I weren't so relieved to have my legs comfortable again, I would seriously kick her ... okay, smiling for the camera.


limbe dolls said...


I don't remember when your birthday was but I did make you a present because I enjoy your blog so much. If you email me your mailing address at, I will send it to you this week.

Vanessa said...

Yeah, we finally get to see the drum set in action. Love the story! I don't know when her exact birthday is, but I think she was born in 1988. I have always loved the Teresa sculpt.

TM said...

Teresa's a little grouchy from being in that box for too long! LOL! Anyway, that's a tough question she's got. All I know is she came out in 1988.

D7ana said...

Hi limbedolls! Aw ... a present for me? Or for Teresa. Well, I'll accept for both of us, lol. Thanks for the compliments re: this blog. I lap them up like sugar water ;-D

I'll be writing soon about the present. Oh so exciting!

Hi Vanessa! Yes, this is the first appearance of the drum. Not too thrilled with the photo so I am likely to post using it again.

Teresa was given a month and day birthday; I have it or a link to it in an earlier post about Teresa. (Can't resist giving a hint ;-D)

Hi TM! Yes, Teresa was grouchy. Neither she nor I could believe that Mattel would pose her is such a well, BOLD stance. She was also annoyed that she was a second choice. (Shrug. Izzy was running that post. Sigh. And Izzy can be bossy, lol.)

Dollz4Moi said...

I'm late on this as usual..LOL. If we're talking your birthday it's July 6th. I remember it being after my nephew's b'day which is the 5th.

Now if you're talking the doll I don't know her b'day..LOL

Frannie said...

Teresa's Birthday is on July 19th. Came out in 1988. California Dream

D7ana said...

Dollz4Moi, thanks! Yes, my birthday is July 6th.

Gooooo Frannie! I mean, you rock "go." Not the get yourself-out-of-here kind. Please check my current post to see your prize.