Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Liv Dolls by Spinmaster Dress Their Dogs!

Well, actually, the dolls' dogs are dressed. The dolls aren't animated to dress the dolls. No intent to deceive the doll and action figure collecting public.

Charles first wrote about these dolls on his doll website. When I saw Daniela and Katie today, I noticed that their dogs wore clothes, too. I think that Barbie only had leashes for her four-legged friends. Perhaps she didn't want to be upstaged by any of her pets? Hmmm ... more likely, she just didn't consider clothes necessary. (Have to say, that I side with Barbie on this one.)

Anyway, I laughed to see the poor doggies dressed so. Dogs really put up with a lot. Our cat Louie used to sneer at a neighbor's dressed dogs. You would never see this cat dressed in people clothes, I imagined Louie thinking. Louie is still here and refusing to stay "dressed" in any clothes put on him. The cute dogs formerly next door to us have since moved elsewhere with their owners.

Here are the photos of the two Liv dolls I saw at Target today:

Daniela and Pet

Katie and Pet