Friday, February 28, 2014

The Ten Black Dolls and Action Figures I Would Choose: A Black History Themed Post

I wrote a post earlier this month asking which 10 black fashion dolls or action figures would you choose if you were allowed any ten. Here is my list ...

American Teen Benjamin

Integrity Toys Dynamite Girl 'Back to Brooklyn' Remi

Integrity Toys Dynamite Girl 'Boogie Beach' Reese

Integrity Toys Fashion Royalty 'Quiet Storm' Annik

Mattel Halle Berry

Mattel So In Style Little Brother Julian

Vivid Imaginations JLS Ortise

YNU Group, Inc. Mixis Bryanna Singh

YNU Group, Inc. Mixis Kirsten Leduc

YNU Group, Inc. Mixis Melissa Francesca Bilotta

The last three dolls are not-yet produced Mixis fashion dolls. If you are on Facebook, look up Mixis Jr. to see what those lovely dolls look like. If you have not sent in your choices, please share them now. Or if you've submitted your choices, do you feel the same or would you like to make any changes? Thanks!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Finally De-Boxed Jazz Diva Barbie, Part 1

This is my story: the lower back of the box was loose. It came apart. Naturally, I had to investigate this matter. Test to see if it really was separating. Maybe take a peek at the Jazz Diva Barbie. Then, I took a few photos of her without the glare of the plastic top. Sigh. Next thing I knew, the clear plastic was pulled from its cardboard backing. Jazz Diva Barbie was almost loose.

I took a few photographs of her. I will try to take more tomorrow or Friday. Here she is, still in the box, but minus the plastic cover. 

Oops. Since I de-boxed her, I suppose I have to keep her. I am okay with that. More about this decision tomorrow or Friday.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

toyhaven: Incoming: POP TOYS "Loyal guardians" 1/6 scale X11...

toyhaven: Incoming: POP TOYS "Loyal guardians" 1/6 scale X11...: From Pop Toys: Before producing "housekeeper dress suit", we wholely upgraded our garment manufacturing process. Dress in the sui...

For those who want a well-dressed man or woman  - check out the photos of this coat and suit suggested for HOT TOYS TTM21 narrow-shoulder men's body. (Not to tell you which figure you find deserving of these garments ... merely to note that the more muscular or the athletic Hot Toys bodies might have a snug fit with this set.)

What is included in this set? Overcoat, suit (jacket and slacks), vest, belt, shirt, tie, and shoes. Where can you find it? You can find Pop Toys garments at BigBadToys. Cost? $59.99 ... and the pre-orders are still open. So if you are interested, go and click for it.

Anyone interested? Anyone bought any Pop Toys fashions? Write and share photos. Please share photos ;-)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Update to Rosi Reports: A Near Playscale Greenhouse for $19.99

How many of you are tired of snow and ice and drab wintry days? Well, Rosi from Joisey has found a treat for us: an almost playscale greenhouse. IKEA USA sells a mini greenhouse called Socker. It is made of steel and polyester powder coating. Check the size of this potential diorama:

Product dimensions

Width: 17 ¾ "
Depth: 8 ¾ "
Height: 13 ¾ "

Width: 45 cm
Depth: 22 cm
Height: 35 cm

Update: Vanessa reports seeing this item in an IKEA store. The 13" roof is at the peak, not throughout the entire structure. I think that it could still be used in a diorama setting - possibly at the rear and slightly elevated - but I am going to update this post to reflect that it isn't a true playscale-size.

Okay maybe the Fashion Royalty crew might find themselves close to the roof. But imagine this setting for most of our dolls and action figures. Impressive, yes? I wonder what plants we could use that would match scale and be useful? Perhaps Ms. Leo has some suggestions for us. Or Rosi maybe? What would you plant in this greenhouse? Exciting thought.

So join me in giving Rosi a hand. Thanks for this whiff of spring. Yay for the promise of green. Yay for our playscale-scouting pal, Rosi.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Barbie's Career for 2014 - Thanks, Simon of The Doll Observer!

Simon Farnworth of The Doll Observer shares the latest Toy Fair news about Barbie's career for 2014. It is a timely shift, especially if we take into consideration Barbie's real age - 59. I doubt though that either Mattel or their core audience for the I Can Be Barbies is thinking of Barbie as being that old. (Talk about Fat Barbie; try selling a Mature Barbie, ha ha.)

Interesting that Barbie should take this career path now. Back in 1999, Smartees Emily the Entrepreneur held this title. Emily's small company created teddy bears. What do you think Barbie's business is about? Leave a comment if you have ideas about Barbie's new venture.

By the way, looks like Mattel seems to be offering this I Can Be Barbie in 4 variations - possibly, Black, Hispanic, and Asian as well as White. Good news. Mattel is listening to requests for diversity ... or is this in response to the newly launched Prettie Girls? I LOVE when other companies produce playscale dolls; their action gets Mattel back into a more competitive spirit.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Presidents Day! And Suggestions on Celebrating It

Happy Presidents Day, fellow Americans! 

Have you got your party favors tooting? Probably not. Although Presidents Day is a federal holiday, how do we celebrate it? Shopping. But if you'd like to investigate other activities for this day, check the suggestions in this article. Yes, sales is the first activity on the list. There are other activities, though. But sales is the first action there. Why? Sales can be fun.

Let's see who can help us: why Toys R Us is having a Presidents Day sale! How kind of them to provide us with sales at this time. Downright patriotic. Or just a post Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/etc. sale excuse? Now, I have not been to a Toys R Us recently, but are these prices sales prices? I suppose with the free shipping on some items, it might have been.

Another sales site is AbilitiesLive for used, dressed and nude fashion dolls. Nude Arwen, re-dressed Ariel, and several others are priced from $3.00 to $35.00US. Yes, that is from three to thirty-five dollars.

And here's a third sales site: Indonesia's Top Model. But wait, there are no prices. In fact, the site has stunning doll photography by Leo Christian showing various Barbie doll faces. While he is not selling anything, I bet you'll be inspired to update your Want List. I mentally added a few sculpts like Mermaid and Aphrodite that I had not thought I would like to my Want List. Sigh. 

So if you want late night online shopping trips, visit those sites. Happy viewing. Happy collecting.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Decision Made About Hasbro Kristen, Maxie's "Best Friend"

I've been pondering this question for a few years now: should I keep Hasbro Maxie friend Kristen or sell her? You'd think I would have decided long ago. She remains unopened in her original box. I don't have a story for her. When I look at her, I think her "lavender" eyes need to be painted. Her eyebrows are too faint. Her face is round ... like the Carly doll in the Maxie series. Probably she has the same face mold as Carly. So she doesn't have a unique face mold.

I do not like the sweet, romantic outfit she wears. Well, the blouse alone might be okay ... with a long black mermaid skirt. Wake up, Dana. Under what circumstance is that blouse acceptable? Just because you might have worn something like that back in 1987 ... shudder at the memory. The fishnet socks curl my nose. I can almost smell the ugly. Fishnet stockings have a dubious charm for certain types of characters. But as socks? Eeeewww. Did we really wear fashions that ugly? (Yes.) 

The yellow huaraches look comfortable. I wonder who else could fit them? Ashley, the only Maxie doll I really like. On the other hand, Kristen's hair looks full and curly. Maybe if I shortened it so that it fit like a shaggy helmet? She has a nice brown complexion. A solid, healthy weight that I approve of. Only ... 

I need to reduce my collection. Need space, want new dolls, and will be moving. Sure, I want to keep some dolls. Some is not all. I want to like this doll more than I do. When I thought that I would be the only collector of playscale dolls and action figures, keeping them all made sense. For posterity, etc. Well, that is not the case. Others have posted photos and information about Kristen online

Now that I made that decision ... what to charge for her? I think $20.00USD. What do you think? On eBay, she seems to go from $19.99 - $29.99. Price suggestions are welcome. Do send them in.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Integrity Toys' 2014 Dynamite Girls Love Connection

Photos for Integrity Toys' 2014 Dynamite Girls "Love Connection" are online.

First alert appeared in a tweet from Doll Observers. Then I checked The Fashion Doll Review and got more details: doll names and titles. Okay, I WANT new character Natural Beauty Tooka and Sweet Freedom Susie and maybe Own The Moment Aria and/or Take It Easy Cruz. I'm not 100% sold on him. I LOVE Tooka's corkscrew hair though and Susie's round face and the face screening on both of them. I love Aria's straw hat, coral floral print dress, and handbag.

So I have some major collection purging to do. Major.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

List of Valentine Barbies from Your Anti-Valentine's Day Blogger

Pssst ... I am going to let you in on a BIG secret. (Looking around to see if anyone is near.) I am not big on the Valentine's Day scene.

Yeah, it's got chocolate. But I can get chocolate any time of the year. On sale, too, if I go for it after Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. Plus, I don't trust anyone to buy candy for me. My Dad told me years ago how he got back at a former girlfriend by popping chocolate ex-lax in her candy. I am so grateful for learning about that trick when I was a child. Never got hit by that one, ha ha.

Yeah, it's got flowers. Come on though. Those flowers are dead. Do I want someone killing flowers for me? No. As for flowery plants, do I look like a gardener? Okay, you don't know what I look like and who's to say what a gardener looks like? I like the idea of gardening better than the reality of playing with dirt and getting grimy fingernails. So nix the flowers.

Yeah, it's got stuffed animals. Surely, I can't resist the over-sized teddy bears or other candy-colored, stuffed critters? Wanna bet? In fact, I mentally gag at the sight of pastel-putrid Care Bear-like creatures. Give them ooey, gooey, baby-talk voices and watch me hurl. My eye twitches from annoyance. I get hives at the thought of the saccharine overload.

So, I am likely the last person to promote the red-and-pink holiday. On the other hand, I am not mean-spirited enough to spoil whatever joy others derive from the holiday. Life is short; people should savor it as much as they can. I like to provide fun information. Here is an online list of Valentine's Day Barbies. So you can see Valentine's Day Barbies and similar-themed Barbie dolls with the odd Kelly or Chelsea appearing.

I hope you enjoy this non-caloric link. No flowers, stuffed or live animals, or people were injured in the making of this post.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Past Black Doll, Black Action Figure, or Black History Posts

One benefit of having blogged for over five years is that I have lots of posts. Lots. So, it occurred to me that some newer readers might have missed a good post or two. And regular readers might also have missed a post. It's happened to me on sites I regularly visit. So for this post, I am sharing previous years' black history and/or black doll-themed posts.

If you see any posts that you would like revisited or expanded on, let me know. If I still have the figure, I'll expand it. Or if you'd like to hear a different angle on an old post, let me know that, too. Oh and any favorites, let me know about them, too. Thanks and enjoy!

2009 New blogger - photos only

2010 Famous figures, complexion variation, sub-groups

2011 DBG Interview and different groups

2012 Hair texture, stories, and a vehicle

2013 Specific lines

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Which Ten Black Dolls Would You Choose? A Black History Themed Post

Fantasy scene: a modern doll and action figure museum is closing. Its prize-winning collection of black playscale dolls and action figures will be distributed to a group of doll enthusiasts. Each enthusiast is allowed any ten pieces - either dolls and/or action figures - and ten pieces exactly. No more, no less. Congratulations: you have a winning ticket. Which ten black dolls and/or action figures would you choose? 

You can have any black or black-mix doll ever produced. Want the original Colored Francie? You can have her. What about a Django Jamie Fox? He's yours. YNU Group, Inc.'s Emerald or Opal? Either or both, yours. Integrity Toys' Adele, Jordan, Nadja, or Janay - and which one(s)? Again, yours. This is a fantasy so any you choose. Be generous and share your dream choices here in a comment. 

Which dolls and/or action figures would I choose? Sigh. Oh, it was a difficult decision to make. But I did it. I will post my choices on February 28, 2014. That post will be loaded after I finish this one.

toyhaven: Review 1: MC Toys 1/6 The End Walker 12" figure - ...

toyhaven: Review 1: MC Toys 1/6 The End Walker 12" figure - ...: This is the recently released MC Toys F-034 1/6 scale The End Walker 12-inch figure which is inspired by / based on the character Denzel Was...

Okay, I don't need to say anything about this link except that it's another photo-rich, detailed review by collector-enthusiast-writer Alex aka @lex Gen X 1:6. And Denzel Washington is the inspiration for the figure. As Alex asked, do you think this figure resembles the actor? I left my answer at Alex's site. You can leave your responses here or there or in both places ;-D


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Integrity Toys' Jordan and Tariq Bust Some Moves

Warning: If nude dolls offend you, you may want to skip this post. The guys are nude for identification so that should you find a similar body, you may recognize it. There are no date or company markings on either body. The heads are marked:
© Integrity 2001 for Tariq and
© 1996 Integrity Toys for Jordan 
on the back of their heads, above their necks, directly under where the hairline would end. 

Ladies, Gents, and Others, here are Integrity Toys' Tariq and Jordan, showing you the best of their posing ability.

Integrity Toys playline dolls: Tariq (left) and Jordan (right) wait for their cue to start.

Our male dolls shown in this post are In Style Jordan from 2001 and Fashion Insider Tariq from 2004. Notice the extra muscles in the torso and the more sophisticated face sculpture in Tariq.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Topics: Black History, Romance, Presidents, and Toy Fair

For a short month - only 28 days this year - February is chock full of events.

Black History month

Valentine's Day

Presidents' Day

Toy Fair 2014

So you can expect posts about Black fashion dolls and action figures, posts about Valentine's Day dolls, posts about dolls and action figures representing presidents or presidential candidates, and - oh yes, baby - Toy Fair news about new dolls and action figures. As I become aware of what other collectors and/or enthusiasts have planned for the month, I will share that information too. 

Happy February!