Tuesday, February 11, 2014

List of Valentine Barbies from Your Anti-Valentine's Day Blogger

Pssst ... I am going to let you in on a BIG secret. (Looking around to see if anyone is near.) I am not big on the Valentine's Day scene.

Yeah, it's got chocolate. But I can get chocolate any time of the year. On sale, too, if I go for it after Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. Plus, I don't trust anyone to buy candy for me. My Dad told me years ago how he got back at a former girlfriend by popping chocolate ex-lax in her candy. I am so grateful for learning about that trick when I was a child. Never got hit by that one, ha ha.

Yeah, it's got flowers. Come on though. Those flowers are dead. Do I want someone killing flowers for me? No. As for flowery plants, do I look like a gardener? Okay, you don't know what I look like and who's to say what a gardener looks like? I like the idea of gardening better than the reality of playing with dirt and getting grimy fingernails. So nix the flowers.

Yeah, it's got stuffed animals. Surely, I can't resist the over-sized teddy bears or other candy-colored, stuffed critters? Wanna bet? In fact, I mentally gag at the sight of pastel-putrid Care Bear-like creatures. Give them ooey, gooey, baby-talk voices and watch me hurl. My eye twitches from annoyance. I get hives at the thought of the saccharine overload.

So, I am likely the last person to promote the red-and-pink holiday. On the other hand, I am not mean-spirited enough to spoil whatever joy others derive from the holiday. Life is short; people should savor it as much as they can. I like to provide fun information. Here is an online list of Valentine's Day Barbies. So you can see Valentine's Day Barbies and similar-themed Barbie dolls with the odd Kelly or Chelsea appearing.

I hope you enjoy this non-caloric link. No flowers, stuffed or live animals, or people were injured in the making of this post.


Brini said...

I'm not into the whole "you got to get something" mindset at all. I'm like you, I can get chocolate anytime really, like there are Mini Hershey and York patties in my refrigerator now, lol. I do like the link of all the dolls, that works for me.

D7ana said...

Hi Brini! Glad you enjoy the link to the Valentine-themed dolls. My "poison" is Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate bars. It used to be Dove 63% Dark Chocolate medallions. Sigh. Then again Trader Joe's has a Raisin-Pecan-Dark Chocolate bar that is toe-curling good. For a chocolate-mint, I like the Andes rectangles or even better, Girls' Scout Thin Mints.

Whoa, heading into dangerous territory with those GS Thin Mints. Backing off now while I still have teeth, lol.

Thanks for sharing your Valentine response and candy preference ;-)

Muff said...

LOL at this whole post! I'm not for or against Vday but the only time I remember participating in it was in elementary school when they made us give all classmates a card. Forced friendliness, ugh.

I have seen the holiday Barbies they put out at Christmas and sometimes at Halloween but never noticed any for valentines before.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dana, we don't celebrate Valentine's Day either, I eat candy all year long (o-o, not good to write this down) anyway :-). Wow, I didn't know there were so many Valentine Barbies!

lindaivette montes de oca said...

Hola, que interesante forma de decir tu postura sobre esta fiesta y luego ofrecernos información novedosa para esta fiesta, jaja, gracias, un beso.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff, Nymphaea, and Lindaivette montes de oca!

@Muff - usually Valentine's Day just happens. We had to exchange cards in school - elementary school - too. I thought it was dumb then because I felt that we were too young for romantic love. That was for grownups ;-)

Adult me doesn't like some of the trappings - the candy, the flowers, the sometimes syrup-y nature of the holiday.

@Nymphaea - I won't tell your candy secret; you don't tell mine, lol. No, our everyday cohorts most likely will never read these responses.

@Hola Lindaivette! Me gusta sorprender a usted, a mi público. ¿Te hubiera esperado un post acerca de Día de Barbies de San Valentín, después de ese principio? Espero que continúe leyendo aquí. Gracias, un beso a cambio ;-)


Hi Lindaivette! I like to surprise you, my audience. Would you have expected a post about Valentine's Day Barbies, after that beginning? Hope you continue to read here. Thanks, kiss in return ;-)

D7ana said...

Oh and to Muff and Nymphaea - I think if Mattel thought there were a market for it, they would produce a Monday-Sunday Barbie series, lol. Other holidays with Barbies include Easter, Thanksgiving (Kelly/Chelsea), Spring, to name the ones that immediately comes to mind.

So the list of Barbie and her friends/family is nearly endless ;-)

Carrickters said...

Had to laugh at your comments. Valentine's Day is one of those days that was never really celebrated in Australia until all the retailers realised that it was another way to get people to spend money (they saw how good it was in America). So now it gets promoted a lot more - but generally Australians don't buy presents until the actual day so it's still quite low-key. I didn't realise there were Valetine Day Barbies until I read your post.

D7ana said...

Hi Carrickters! Glad you had a laugh ;-)

I believe that retailers - American and/or Australian - certainly do. Especially on high consumer spending days, lol. Big player like Mattel is bound to top that list of retailers. The Valentine's Day dolls tend to be cheaper dolls re-packaged and placed in skimpy boxes. ;-)

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I have the Sweet Valentine doll in my collection. Mattel actually did okay capturing her time period. Her hair is rather stiff and unwieldy, though.

Would you prefer being serenaded? On Friday at my daughters' high school you could pay the elite choir to sing a song for whomever you choose, during class. They're completely sold out of time slots this year.

Mr. BTEG likes to get his girls (my daughters and I) something small for Valentine's Day.

Cindi Mortensen said...

LOL D7ana! I love your comments about V day! My husband used to give me gifts on that day - flowers, stuffed animals, jewelry. And I used to give him the heart-shaped box of chocolates. That ended when he passed away in 2007. Now it's just another retail holiday! LOL Didn't know there were so many V-day Barbies either...:-)

D7ana said...

Hi Barb the Evil Genius and Cindi Mortensen! Thanks for commenting!

@Barb the Evil Genius - those coil curls look stiff, lol. I don't envy Sweet Valentine having to sit through having that hairdo. Ugh.

Serenaded, me? LOL, LOL, LOL. I would soooo not know how to respond.

I like how your Mr. BTEG (love the naming there, lol) gets stuff for his girls. That's sweet and romantic.

@Cindi Mortensen - now that's sweet how you and your husband exchanged gifts on V-Day. Sorry that you no longer have those treats.

Some of the Valentine's Day trappings are sweet - ouch, pun not intended there - in context, committed couples, etc.

Glad you enjoyed my V-day ramblings. As for the number of V-day Barbies, could you imagine Mattel and/or our B-Girl passing up such a fine commercial opportunity ;-)

Chasing Joy said...

I liked seeing all the different dolls over the years. You did not say if you had a favorite one.

D7ana said...

Hi Chasing Joy! Glad you enjoyed seeing the Mattel Valentine's Day dolls through the years. I don't have a favorite Barbie Valentine doll. My favorite Valentine's Day-themed fashion doll is Integrity Toy's Heartbreaker TJ.