Friday, February 14, 2014

Integrity Toys' 2014 Dynamite Girls Love Connection

Photos for Integrity Toys' 2014 Dynamite Girls "Love Connection" are online.

First alert appeared in a tweet from Doll Observers. Then I checked The Fashion Doll Review and got more details: doll names and titles. Okay, I WANT new character Natural Beauty Tooka and Sweet Freedom Susie and maybe Own The Moment Aria and/or Take It Easy Cruz. I'm not 100% sold on him. I LOVE Tooka's corkscrew hair though and Susie's round face and the face screening on both of them. I love Aria's straw hat, coral floral print dress, and handbag.

So I have some major collection purging to do. Major.


Cindi Mortensen said...

I WANT Cruz! LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I like my old Susie's face much better, but I LOVE Susie's and all the outfits of the dolls! Have a nice weekend!

RagingMoon1987 said...

Susie is a knockout; I've always been a tremendous fan of hers. Can you post your comment on my V-Day blog again? I liked it and I was going to say thanks, but I accidentally hit the delete key! LOL, thanks for reading and happy Valentine's Day to you.

D7ana said...

Hi Cindi Mortensen, Nymphaea, and RagingMoon1987! Happy Valentine's Day.

@Cindi - good luck getting Cruz. Hope you can get him.

@Nymphaea - oh, do you think this is a new Susie face? I love Susies, too. I have to do a post on her someday. Hope you have a nice weekend, too!

@RagingMoon1987 - I agree with you about Susie. Glad you liked the comment. I'll try to recreate that message. Glad you enjoyed it. Happy Valentine's Day, to you, also.

Super Cool Doll House said...

ugh, good luck finding Tooka, I tuned in 3 hours late and she is gone. BUT once you love a doll face, ... you know the rest. Those doll pagers can see me comin' lol good luck on the hunt!

Super Cool Doll House said...

-oh and if you want to get a leg up on getting a Susie, contact Rudy via R& D spotlight. I think it's a blog.

D7ana said...

Hi Super Cool Doll House!

I know ... wahhh about Tooka. But if it is meant to be ... a Tooka for me, she'll be here. Someone might want to trade her in for another doll. Ha! Right, I tell myself.

I sent Rudi a message to the R&D Spotlight blog as you suggested. Hope I'll be able to get the Susie at least ;-P

Thanks for the alert. Hope you are able to find the dolls you want - your not-buying period is up. Best wishes. Hope you had a fun Valentine's Day!

Carrickters said...

It's a very good collection and I can see it being very popular - and a lot of doll collectors with very little money.

lindaivette montes de oca said...

Hola, son muy bonitas, aunque en mi ciudad no se venden, espero algun dia ver alguna.

Cathy McQuillin said...

Angelic Dreams broke out their Integrity line to and sent out an email on Thursday announcing the new dolls. Unfortunately, Cruz was sold out within 2 hours and I think all the dolls are now sold out on that site. They do offer a waiting list if you want to sign up for it.

D7ana said...

Hi Carrickters and Lindaivette montes de oca!

@Carrickters - oh, yes, this is a good looking collection. And oh, yes, I can imagine the broke collectors.

@Lindaivette montes de oca - Espero que veas estas muñecas ;-)

Integrity Toys vende fuera de los EE.UU. Tal vez usted podría ordenar las muñecas a través de uno de sus distribuidores? Las muñecas se venden rápido, pero usted podría ser capaz de conseguir uno o más de ellos. O tal vez verlos en una tienda? Le deseo suerte con eso ;-)


I hope you see these dolls soon ;-)

Integrity Toys sells outside of the U.S. Perhaps you could order the dolls through one of their dealers? The dolls do sell fast, but you might be able to get one or more of them. Or maybe see them at a store? I wish you luck with that ;-)

D7ana said...

Hi Cathy McQuillin! Thanks for sharing that sad but relevant news. I suppose we need to go to the secondary market ouch. Or wait until someone decides to sell their doll or dolls.

That's amazing that these dolls generate such a fan base that Angelic Dollz had to create a separate website just for them. Awesome! Nice that AD is accepting a waiting list for these dolls, too. (Because the line is sold out.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dana, maybe it's the make-up of Susie, I think the original, first Susie looks different (less make-up). Wow, this line does sell quickly! A pity really!

Muff said...

Wow, those are gorgeous! I can see why they sell out so fast.

D7ana said...

Hi Nymphaea and Muff - sigh.

@Nymphaea - Oh, yes, this Susie definitely has stronger eye make-up. I have several Susies but none of them match this doll's dramatic look ;-)

@Muff - Yes, the Integrity dolls are gorgeous. They sell like (fingersnaps).

jSarie said...

I was just checking these out on a couple of dealer sites - I can't believe how quickly they went from "available for preorder" to "sold out"!