Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Coke, Kumbaya, and Why I Sometimes Ship Internationally

Can I confess to having hippie leanings? You know, the people united theme. For example, the television commercial that I felt had the strongest impact on my youth, would be this one. Note: if my YouTube link does not work, you can find the video under this title, "Coca-Cola 70's Christmas Hilltop Commercial."

Why? The variety among the people, the people all singing together. Sniff. That Coke commercial embodied a kumbaya moment and event to be achieved.

So what has Coke and kumbaya have to do with me shipping international? Motive. Reason. That sentiment is why I ship dolls and action figures overseas and outside of the United States. And why despite the international shipping snafu I am currently experiencing, I will continue to do so. See my SIX reasons here ....

Global neighbor
Selling dolls internationally seems to bring the world closer. Like, no, there aren't mountains and oceans and land masses between us. Let's trade: dolls for cash. I can't teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. But I can sell dolls.

Fair play
I buy from international vendors and/or international collectors so it is fair to turn provide a similar service to someone outside the U.S. Back in the 1990s I bought Takara Jenny and her friends from David Hammon, an American collector who traveled overseas and then brought those otherwise unobtainable fashion dolls here. If I could buy Jennys then later Momokos and Susies from the East, I could spare some American dolls and/or action figures to send East.

Active market
The strain on the U.S. economy has affected doll buyers. Fewer, more cautious sales happen now. Modern playscale dolls and action figures are a small category in the world of doll collecting. It makes no sense to keep pitching to the same people, at the same places. It's time to seek new buyers. Buyers beyond the state lines. Sales and returning buyers has made selling overseas worth the attempt. Bienvenue, monde!

World-traveling dolls
Nice to think that dolls once mine now live overseas. I cannot travel; they can and do. I don't get to know about their experience after they are gone, but it sounds sophisticated to write that my playscale figures have gone further afield than I have. Like launching my "babies" off into the world of other collectors.

Paperwork, Packaging
Ever experience the challenge of using the correct custom form by weight and/or postal service? What about considering whether first class international plus registered mail service is cheaper than global express? How about figuring out which services are available for which countries? And never forget the fun of packaging dolls and action figures for overseas voyages: cannot be too heavy or you miss letter rate postage; too light and worry about the figure having enough protection.

Helping the U.S. Economy
When I sell dolls, I help the U.S. economy. Yes, every trip to the U.S. Post Office adds to their coffers. I pay for their services. People can stay employed. Isn't that worth a little of my time and attention?