Friday, March 5, 2010

Missed Cheetah Girls? Get Concert Dolls for $5.00 Each

Think you missed your last chance to own one of the PlayAlong In Concert Cheetah Girls? Philadelphia doll collectors, have no regrets on this point. You can find each of the In Concert Cheetah Girls by for $5.00 EACH doll. Head to the Best Deals Discount store at 20th and Oregon Avenue (South Philly) for these dolls. Note: I think that there is another Best Deals store at 40th and Market Streets (University City-West Philly), but I do not know that they have the same stock. Wouldn't hurt to check there if you shop nearby.

Now those who are crying in their teacups because you paid over $20 each doll, there, there. How could you know that the doll or dolls that you wanted would be reduced to that bargain price? I didn't know. I paid the $15-20 for the basic dolls when they came out. Sniff ... I need to salty-up some tea.