Thursday, August 6, 2009

We, Singers Three - Three Latina Singers

Once upon a time, when I thought of Latina fashion dolls, I would think of Mattel's Teresa (or Kayla sometimes) or of Integrity's Alysa or Isabella from the Get Set Club or more recently, Rosa from YNU Group's Mixis. Today though, I want to show three dolls who have received less coverage online.

Introducing Mattel's Shakira, Haschel Toys' Olga Tanon, and Yaboom's Christina Aguilera ...

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New Doll Series Alert! H2O by Playmates

Toys R Us Wyncote had 3 new fashion dolls under the title "H2O: Just Add Water." These 10" dolls are based on a television show that I have neither seen nor heard about before. There are three characters: two blondes, Rikki and Emma, and brunette Cleo.

They have a separate "mermaid tail" that fits over their human legs.

Here are the Toys R Us links:




They're okay. There are two versions of the each doll - a basic doll and a doll with a fashion.