Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Doll Series Alert! H2O by Playmates

Toys R Us Wyncote had 3 new fashion dolls under the title "H2O: Just Add Water." These 10" dolls are based on a television show that I have neither seen nor heard about before. There are three characters: two blondes, Rikki and Emma, and brunette Cleo.

They have a separate "mermaid tail" that fits over their human legs.

Here are the Toys R Us links:




They're okay. There are two versions of the each doll - a basic doll and a doll with a fashion.


D7ana said...

I found another link showing the H20 Just Add Water dolls. They look incredibly like Barbie in this video. In the store, they didn't look as much like Barbie so perhaps the dolls shown on the Atamaii link are prototypes?

The playsets might be interesting. A Spinning Chamber and a Zodiac Boat are mentioned. If anyone sees photos of those playsets, please write here and let me know. Thanks in advance!

Niel said...

The removable mermaid tail is cool. The bra seem to be painted/molded in the TRU photo while its not in the video.

D7ana said...

At the store, at least one doll or doll set had the bra molded on and the other had a cloth bra. I forgot which though - blushes. I'll check next time I am in a toy store or toy section and post that info.

ModernWizard said...

The show concept sounds stupid, but I do have a weakness for mermaid dolls.

D7ana said...

The concept doesn't wow me either ... I think it's a Nickelodeon show. Shrug.

The one thing I do like about the dolls is that the mermaid's tail fits over the legs so you can have one or the other (tail or legs) without major surgery.

The faces reminded me of the Hasbro faces on the S Club female dolls. Not Barbie pretty but not striking otherwise either.