Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fashionista Ken in Action Figure Clothes

Hottie Fashionista Ken decided that he would create a photo post of himself wearing action figure clothes as a special gift to Barbie for her birthday. These are the photos he chose.

Josie asked that she have front row viewing of Barbie's reaction.  How do you think Barbie or the Barbies will respond?
Aside: the first three photos show Ken wearing a blue shirt and an Old Joe Infirmary pair of black jeans. The OJI jeans are a little loose on him. The blue shirt is a little long in the sleeves although otherwise the fit was nice.

The next two photos show Ken wearing a brown "leather" jacket and a pair of blue Dragon brand jeans. The Dragon jeans fit Ken better than the OJI brand.

The sixth photo shows Ken in a pair of tan camouflage pants by Hasbro for G.I. Joe. Only the left suspender remains on Ken's shoulder; the right one popped off because Ken's torso is taller than Joe's. The pants pull up a little snug for Ken's comfort. He exited those pants as soon as he could.

The seventh and eighth photos show Ken wearing Donald Trump's navy jacket and the green riding pants from Jakks Pacific's Van Helsing. The jacket fits Ken well; the riding pants fit fairly well, too. Ken did not particularly care for the inner leg gussets.