Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wishing for a Directory for Doll Enthusiasts?

Well, save your wishes for something else. There is a new online doll yellow pages created by Simon Farnworth that you, my fellow doll enthusiasts, can likely join. At no cost. That's right - it's called Doll eDirectory, and here are three reasons to join.

1. More doll enthusiasts can find you. The Directory has 600 members since it opened in February 2013. Maybe you know them all; maybe not. Isn't it worth getting more readers for your blog or Etsy shop or website. Free advertising.

2. You can find other doll enthusiasts. Need a nude, good condition Integrity Toys' Ayumi? Check the Buy and Sell Group. You might find her at a good price.

3. We doll enthusiasts can imprint our hobby online. Collecting and playing thrives online and off. Hooray for us.

So do stop by and see the Doll eDirectory.