Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Help Dolls of Color Create Janay Database

Dolls of Color blogger Therese seeks photos and information about Integrity's playline Janay doll for a Janay database. Yay Therese!

While I have several Janay and friends dolls, my Janay dolls all have the last Janay head mold stamped ©Integrity 2001. I recall reading doll descriptions on the Dolls, Dreams, and Cuddly Things web site several years ago that noted whether certain Janay, Alysa, and Jade dolls had the old, big heads or the newer, smaller heads. I also recall seeing web sites showing two Janay head molds different from the head mold I have. Check the Janay shown at this link; note the size of her head and her features. This is an early Janay. Perhaps some PhillyCollector readers collect or used to collect the Janay playline. If you do or did, and if you would like to contribute to this database, please check Therese's blog for contact information.

Here's to a Janay and friends database in 2010.

Dolls shown in the photo are the Dealer version of Fashion Insider Janay, Color Rave Alysa (2nd Alysa head mold), and Fashion Fling Alysa (3rd Alysa head mold).