Saturday, June 30, 2012

Integrity Candi Collection 2002, Courtesy of My Favorite Doll

I have a My Favorite Doll Spring-Summer 2002 catalog. So I asked Margaret Matsui, the president of My Favourite Doll Inc., for permission to scan certain pages from that catalog. She said yes. (Do I know good people? Oh, yes! I do.) So here are two Integrity Toys' Candi pages. Hope you enjoy seeing them.

I am fortunate to have two of the dolls on this page: the Asian Holiday Toast and the Asian International. Lovely dolls in exquisite fashions. NOT for sale.

I have two of the dolls shown on this page: Subtle Elegance (the Israeli face mold) and On the Go (the Hispanic face mold). They are also NOT for sale.

Additional Candi photos can be found on this French blog, on Frannie's blog, and of course, on Black Doll Collecting's blog.

You can still buy some of these lovely dolls on Susan's Shop of Dolls.

Thanks, Marg!

P.S. I might have to link to these pages elsewhere so that you can see the dolls better.