Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Black History Month - DAFs Photo Round Two

As promised - if late in the night - more photos of Black dolls and action figures in my collection.

Trevor and T.J. Trevor is the Hot Toys TrueType African American figure; T.J. is Heartbreaker T.J. from the Integrity Dynamite Girls series.

Scottie Pippin and three of the High School Musical 3 dolls - Chad, Taylor, and Zeke - all by Mattel.

Krissie. Hasbro's Krissie from Jem's Starlight Girls.

Clarence and Martha Jones. Clarence is the Hasbro Lando Calrissian; Martha Jones is the 12" (cough, cough) figure from Character Options' Dr. Who series.

Brenda, Miao the Cat, Randy. Brenda is one of the Bbi Perfect Body; her brother Randy is the Tyr character from Bbi's Andromeda series; and Miao the Cat is from the Barbie Futon & Table, Living Room playset.