Thursday, August 27, 2015

Part 2: Pinterest Post Promotion - #NoMoreGlueHeads

Okay, who guessed that when I asked for "glue head doll" links, I was thinking "Pinterest board?"

Much as I "love" Mattel for their creativity and their 50+ years of playscale fashion doll production, even I say, "Enough is enough." Dolls should NOT ooze greasy goo. We do not want gluehead dolls; we should not have them. They are a greater threat to Mattel's customer relations than the Bratz, Lammily, or any doll to come. With that mindset, I wondered: how to draw Mattel's attention to this problem? A start would be to gather every website mentioning it under one (or more) Pinterest boards. Ta da. Let me introduce my latest Pinterest board ...


What do you think of Part 2? I'm curious. Feedback, comments are always welcome. (Relevant comments.)