Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kelly Kids for Sale, Part 1

I removed a Melody from the original set of 10 deboxed dolls. Others that I will sell that are still NRFB are

Nurse Kelly

Teacher and Rock Star Kelly

Checkup Times Kelly

and some Halloween dolls I have not yet photographed separately. If you are looking for something specific, write and I'll let you know if I have it and am willing to sell it.

Thanks for looking ;-D

Fashion Fever Dolls to be Sold

Here are some Mattel Fashion Fever dolls that I no longer want. Between 2004-2008, I avidly followed news of each and every Fashion Fever "Wave" produced, including the Girls Aloud dolls that I never got because they were overseas exclusives. Shrug. I had fun. My best find was when I nabbed a NRFB Desiree at a Rite Aid store on Aramingo Avenue. Score! Now I am selling some of them. Shrug again. That's the nature of collecting for you.

Some of you might have fond memories of these dolls? Maybe you missed getting some of them. I will also post a link to nude Fashion Fever dolls that I am selling through The Doll Page. Please check that site later tonight and tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some NRFB dolls for you to look at and to buy if you are interested.

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave N - Styled by Me
27084 34555 H0644
Pink-taupe-white-black print shirt; tan miniskirt; black suede belt; denim sparkled cap; dusty pink wedge-heeled boots. $15.00

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave R - Modern Trends
27084 29702 H0644 J1326
Purple spangly top; pinstriped faded jeans w. floral cornucopia on upper left leg; silver chain belt w. heart lock; silver dagger earrings; purple sheer w. iridescent sprinkle plastic handbag; purple platform sandals. $15.00

Barbie Wave R - Modern Trends
27084 33808
Gray-taupe-pink tweed on white jacket; white name midriff tee; navy jeans w. pink floral applique on left thigh; pink boots. $15.00

Holiday Barbie
Barbie Fashion Fever Holiday
27084 40589 K0841
Red net over silver dress; silver fox "fur"; red platform heeled sandals; tiny red plastic bag. $20.00

Barbie Fashion Fever 2006
27084 44745
Tiered pink knit mini dress; white purse. $15.00

Barbie Fashion Fever 2007
27084 48621
Black bolero jacket w. puff sleeves; pink w. black dots blouse; black capris w. pink polka dots; pink flats w. black polka dots. $15.00

Thanks for looking.