Saturday, April 23, 2011

Walmart Clearance Item - Jumping Up and Down!

I've lucked out and got a "good buy" on a Liv playset: Hayden's After School Pet Adoption Center for $7.00 at Walmart. Am I happy about it? Yes, I am. I finally have that elusive hamster. Cute, isn't it? (Not that I want anywhere near a hamster in real life, in flesh, but what a find at this scale.) And the hamster has an exercise wheel ... all together now ... AAAAHHHH ....

I also like the dog in this set although its posing ability is limited. Sigh, only the Smartees pets are articulated. Or maybe there are other articulated pets ... please share if you know of any. I like my playscale crew to live with wee creatures. And larger ones ... need to get Farmer Miles' mule out someday.

Walmart had some other Liv accessories on sale, but the cost seemed high: a pair of bowling shoes, a bowling ball, and a bowling bag for a little over $5.00. (Not sure I want any of my DAFs bowling anyway. I have mini pins, but to set up an alley for them ... might be more work than I want to do.) Alas, I had removed my batteries so I could not photograph those other items.

The other Liv playset I want to find - preferably for sale is Daniela's drum set. Now that's a cool set.)