Thursday, March 29, 2018

Recent Barbie Buys - Photos Only

 Overall Awesome and Teddy Bear Flair

Tropical Vibes and Cali Cool

Ken Hoodie and Green Shorts with Sneakers
Barbie Hello Kitty Fashion Top 1
Barbie Hello Kitty Fashion Top 4
Barbie Red Pleather Skirt

Monday, March 12, 2018

The Fresh Squad - Articulated Black Male Dolls by The World of EPI

Check The Fresh Dolls' Instagram account to see a promo sketch of the three upcoming, articulated Black male dolls who are to join The Fresh Dolls later this year. Additional female dolls will also be joining The Fresh Dolls. The website has not been updated as of this time, but I see the sketch on a few Instagram accounts.

Thanks, Lola of Sunny and Lola, Brenova Blog, The World of EPI, and other Instagram participants for sharing this information on that platform.  Any future takers? I want all three!