Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Toy Violation

When I wrote Careful When Buying 1Direction Dolls, I had not realized the prevalence of toy substitution theft. Sure, I have seen dolls placed in other dolls' boxes. But I had naively assumed that that only happened occasionally. Well, it seems as though that is only ONE of the many tricks criminals use to steal toys. Yes, STEAL because that is what the criminal is doing. Stealing dolls. If this subject interests you, read Paul Nomad's short article about additional misdeeds. My favorite part was reading how some criminals were caught. Gotcha!

"Bad boys, bad boys ... "

IKEA Furniture for Playscale Collectors

IKEA furniture and doll/action figure collectors seem almost like peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and chocolate, oh and peanut butter and bananas. A given, right? I have a Detolf glass cabinet and 2 Billy bookcases. The Detolf cabinet displays scenes at times or boxed favorites at other times. The IKEA products are cheap - relative to what a wood and glass display cabinet would cost - and easy to find or order. So it is not surprising that we collectors - preferring to spend our spare funds on dolls, action figures, and their props - seek IKEA furniture

Alison in CA from The Fashion Doll Review suggests the Billy bookcases.

Another collector uses Bonde bookcases.

Rebecca from Inside the Fashion Doll Studio shares her doll room plan that includes IKEA glass cabinets and book shelves.

How many of you use IKEA furniture to house or to display your playscale collectibles? Which pieces would you recommend? Which pieces need additional support and/or alteration?

Are there other mass produced furniture or storage units that you use? I have three black-gray Sterilite plastic storage units that have held part of my boxed and deboxed collection for years. They are not pretty, but they are efficient. My only caveat is that the upper shelves on the wider unit seem to tilt forward.