Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome Spring - Opal, Lukas, and Mai at Play

Spring is here - at last!

Horrid, horrible winter here in Philly. Seventy inches of snow. Seventy. Here. In Philly! Shudder.

Ah, but we've been having balmy days recently. Mixis Opal, Fashion Royalty Nu Face Lukas, and Girl's Mission Mai are off to exercise - Opal stretches before a run while Lukas and Mai have dusted off bicycles to ride. Opal wears separates from the Get Real Girl line and sneakers from Playmates' everGirl. Lukas wears Mattel My Scene shorts and M & C Toys' sneakers (not shown here, alas) while Mai wears a Mattel Ken shirt, Kmart's Joe Boxer pants, and Get Real Girl sneakers with her Mattel Cali Girl helmet. The bicycles are by Mattel for the My Scene (Lukas) and the Cali Girl (Mai) lines.

I should have had lights BEFORE the dolls to better capture Opal's face. Sigh. It is a side issue, my photography learning, but I do consider it ;-}