Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome Spring - Opal, Lukas, and Mai at Play

Spring is here - at last!

Horrid, horrible winter here in Philly. Seventy inches of snow. Seventy. Here. In Philly! Shudder.

Ah, but we've been having balmy days recently. Mixis Opal, Fashion Royalty Nu Face Lukas, and Girl's Mission Mai are off to exercise - Opal stretches before a run while Lukas and Mai have dusted off bicycles to ride. Opal wears separates from the Get Real Girl line and sneakers from Playmates' everGirl. Lukas wears Mattel My Scene shorts and M & C Toys' sneakers (not shown here, alas) while Mai wears a Mattel Ken shirt, Kmart's Joe Boxer pants, and Get Real Girl sneakers with her Mattel Cali Girl helmet. The bicycles are by Mattel for the My Scene (Lukas) and the Cali Girl (Mai) lines.

I should have had lights BEFORE the dolls to better capture Opal's face. Sigh. It is a side issue, my photography learning, but I do consider it ;-}


Niel Camhalla said...

Seventy inches of snow? Is that normal there? OR is the weather gone bonkers? Last year we had massive flooding, now drought.

They look like they want to go out, don't they? Yes they do. =D

AilanthusAltissima said...

Spring is on its way! Hang in there. Cool bike!

MissSpottyJane said...

I'm very happy for spring this year.

KRIS said...

I am hoping someone can help me. I am looking for NBA barbie dolls. Although I am looking for almost all teams, I am especially interested in finding San Anotonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks in both the blonde and the ethnic nationalities.

D7ana said...

At last ;-D

I found some links to the snow totals. Yes, we had monster snowfall from December 2009 - February 2010. No, it wasn't all at once, but the affect of so much snow in such a short time frame, argh! Usually, we only get about 20 inches (see Climate) if that.

Sigh. Yes, usually, we're pretty spoiled here LOL.

D7ana said...

Kim and MSJ,

Spring is here! Spring is here!

Yippee. (Jumps up)


Just hope we don't get tons of thunderstorms this year.

D7ana said...

Kris, here's a site where you might find the NBA Barbies you're interested in. I'm not sure about their current stock nor can I vouch for their service.

I had the link in my Favorites in case I wanted to buy the NBA Barbies to make my dolls more pose-able. You can ask around about their service.

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

D7ana said...

Found a link to the February 2010 blizzard here in case anyone wants to see Philly in the blizzard.


I might be able to look at those photos in August, ;-D