Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2011 Ken Previews - See Charles' and Jef's Websites!

Charles of Charles' Doll Pages has some gorgeous photos and updates about some of the 2011 Kens. Do check his website.

Next, Jef at Keeping Ken has information about a Sweet Talking Ken who wouldn't appeal to me, but who might appeal to some. This Ken repeats in his voice, what the person "playing with" him wants Ken to say. I always thought the thrill of being with another person was to have that person's comments, etc. I could always tell myself whatever I want to hear without using another person as a puppet. Poor Ken.

Then again, Ken tends to break some expectations of how a man should act.

Shaving Fun Ken, though, I would snap up as soon as I could. Who can resist a bearded Ken?