Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kari Mitchell by M & C Toy Centre

Usually when I refer to M & C Toy Centre products, I discuss the PowerTeam action figures. However, M & C Toy Centre also produces fashion doll lines like Paula, a Kelly-doll clone, and Kari Mitchell, a Barbie clone.

Collector MSJ has photos of a new M & C Toy Centre doll shown here. Her post reminded me that I had seen some new Kari Mitchell clothes set - shown below - recently at Big Lots. The doll included in the clothing set has been seen in older sets, but the clothes and the accessories are new.

Additional information about Kari Mitchell dolls can be read at this John Medeiros article for Master Collector Online. More current information can be found at the Power Team Yahoo Group.

P.S. Sometimes this series is spelled "Kari Mitchell" and other times, "Kari Michell."

Graphic Novel About 1:6 Scale Vampires

Want more vampire stories? What about a modern vampire series that has humor AND pathos? There's a new graphic novel that covers that bill.

Men With Dolls regulars will need no introduction to Elizabeth Allen's Love Has Fangs photo stories, but for other doll and action figure collectors, here is the back story. You can view the series online, but the graphic novel has these scenes recast with doll and action figure actors. Whooo hooo!

You can buy the graphic novel from Lulu.

Fun reading for the YOUNG ADULT and the ADULT doll and action figure collector. Note: I mention young adult and adult because Love Has Fangs, like Roville in recent years, has adult themes.