Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Angelic Dreamz Announces New Dynamite Girls

Late June or early July, Angelic Dreamz will have two new Dynamite Girls dolls - Feeling Fierce Jett and Canadian Exclusive Feeling Fierce Dani:

Dynamite Girls

I like this more realistic looking Jett with her silver "leather" jacket and over-sized sunglasses. Okay, I love the silver jacket. It's a short belted trench. The Dani doll reminds me of the Caucasian Valentine TJ doll. Dani wears a black moc-croc jacket, hot pink tiered tulip skirt, and black fishnet stockings. She leads her small black poodle on a gold chain leash. Sigh.

I haven't bought my earlier 2009 Integrity Wish List dolls and here they add more dolls. Love you too, Integrity.

Other sources for these dolls are Maddie's Dolls and My Favourite Doll.

America's Next Top Model Dolls Part 2

Points about the America's Next Top Model Dolls

* Bigger heads than most fashion dolls

* Pierced ear holes

* Two-toned ("highlighted") hair for blond and brunette dolls

* Tilting upper body like the Pivotal Barbies

* Arms froze-posed either to bent position or to hanging down straight

* Straight waist, narrower than Pivotal Barbies

* Exaggerated back curve

* Narrow hips, painted on white underpants

* Straight legs (no bend)

* Bigger feet like the Bigfeet Barbies only ANTM's feet are arched for heels

* Defined big toe (separate from other toes)

See these photos for visual comparison.