Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Unexpected Toy Run or What's New at Walmart?

Usually, after Christmas, there is a doll and action figure slump. No new dolls. No new action figures in stores. Collectors wait until February for Toy Fair previews. So when I went to the Wyncote Walmart, I was surprised to find these dolls OUT on the shelves. Dolls in Philly in January? Wow!

I saw these dolls:

Barbie Sea World Trainer
Think Pink Barbie with Bunny
Think Pink Barbie with Dress Form
Think Pink Barbie with Mirror
Dolls of the World: France
Dolls of the World: Scotland
Totally Stylin' Tatoos Barbie

I want the Bunny. It's smooth white plastic and elongated. Odd looking bunny. Sigh.

From those dolls, the Dolls of the World: Scotland -- aside from the Barbie with Bunny -- would be the only one I would buy. She's got a fierce expression and an interesting wine-red hair color. Only problem with the Dolls of the World is that it looks like Scotland might have straight legs. Hmmm ...

For High School Musical 3 Fans, there was a new set with Sharpay Evans and Tiara Wilmont dolls.

The new Think Pink dining room looks better than I would have expected. Might get that piece when/if I can find it on sale.

Oh, I succumbed and bought an ethnic Ballerina Barbie and a Beach Party Nikki. Why? Because I liked their facial screening. And I found dolls that had straight, not wonky eyes. The ethnic Barbie has sky blue legs (shudder ... WHY Mattel?) and part of her torso is molded blue plastic. Clearly a kitbashing candidate, once I find a matching complexion. Beach Party Nikki has one of the stunted Barbie bodies - she's NOT a full 11.5 inches, but I like her face soooo ....