Friday, November 5, 2010

New Blog(s): Reality Forest and Diorama Details

I was reading a post at Ms. Leo's blog when I saw a comment by another blogger. Clicked on the link and WOW!

Diorama heaven. And outside scene diorama tips. I love blogger and artist Matthew's explanations as to how he obtained the forest look for his story blog*, Reality Forest. There are such talented artists and storytellers among doll and action figure collectors.

*I should note though that Reality Forest seems an "adult" story.  There is some doll nudity and mention of recreational drug use. I mention these to avoid offending any of my readers. (Oh and I know that my blog has some doll nudity, too. And I have mentioned body parts by name. Some readers probably scream upon viewing yet another nude doll comparison. But seriously, how will you know if I don't occasionally show?) The companion blog, REALITY FOREST : HOW IT'S MADE, seems to have detailed diorama creation notes.

Happy Blogging Anniversary to Ms. Leo and to Matthew. Many more years blogging!