Friday, November 5, 2010

New Blog(s): Reality Forest and Diorama Details

I was reading a post at Ms. Leo's blog when I saw a comment by another blogger. Clicked on the link and WOW!

Diorama heaven. And outside scene diorama tips. I love blogger and artist Matthew's explanations as to how he obtained the forest look for his story blog*, Reality Forest. There are such talented artists and storytellers among doll and action figure collectors.

*I should note though that Reality Forest seems an "adult" story.  There is some doll nudity and mention of recreational drug use. I mention these to avoid offending any of my readers. (Oh and I know that my blog has some doll nudity, too. And I have mentioned body parts by name. Some readers probably scream upon viewing yet another nude doll comparison. But seriously, how will you know if I don't occasionally show?) The companion blog, REALITY FOREST : HOW IT'S MADE, seems to have detailed diorama creation notes.

Happy Blogging Anniversary to Ms. Leo and to Matthew. Many more years blogging!


Ms. Leo said...

He does have good detail in the diorama. He makes you feel like your there with him. I was inspired by the forest. I always think more is more but he has proved me wrong.

D7ana said...

Hi, Ms. Leo! The more is more can work - see Roville - or things can be sparer and still work. Different storylines and characters call for different looks.

And yes, Matthew's forest is inspiring.