Saturday, March 20, 2010

Playline Giselle by Integrity Toys for Pat's Potpourri

Initially, the Janay/Alysa/Jade dolls were Integrity Toys' ethnic contribution to the 1:6 doll world. African American Janay, Asian Jade, and Latina Alysa were to capture the ethnic doll market left "open" by larger toy companies. Then, Integrity Toys extended their playline series to produce a fourth "regular" doll, Caucasian Giselle.

The first Giselles were my least favorite. Her face seemed biggish while her eyes seemed small. At least that was what I found with my first Giselle, the Photo Hunt Giselle whom I sold about two years ago.

However, I came across three exclusive Giselle's created for Pat's Potpourri circa 2004. The dolls were sold separately or as a three-doll set. Viewing the photos, I bought the three-doll set. Now these 3 swimsuit Giselle dolls with 2-toned blond, red or black hair are lovely dolls. They all have vibrant green-yellow eyes, lower hairlines or banged fronts, richly-colored hair, and vivid, warmer make-up. My favorite is the 2-toned blond doll. Amazing how a hairstyle and coloring can make a doll "sing" for a collector.

Want to see more photos? I've found a slow-to-load link to the original, Pat's Potpourri advertisement for these dolls. Here is that web page which lists the dolls by name along with their original prices. If you click on the links by doll name, you might be able to see close up photos of the dolls' faces. (Archival links sometimes work; sometimes they do not.)

Happy viewing!