Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goodtime Sunday ... the Flavas at Ease

Here are some of my Mattel's Flavas dolls enjoying the gorgeous, summery day.

Tika has been re-bodied onto a poser My Scene Madison body while Happy D has a My Scene Barbie body. The dog once belonged to Hilary Duff. Kiyoni Brown and Liam are all original. Tika holds a camera; today, she wears an extra Cheetah Girls outfit and a Jakks Pacific handbag. Where did she leave her shoes? Standing next to Tika, Kiyoni dances and waves at an approaching friend as Liam leans into Happy D to ask if she feels chilly.

Sewing Samples from My Past

Back in the 1970s, I used to "make" my dolls clothes. Funds were limited: I had an allowance of $1.25 a week and daily lunch money. Even skimping on lunch, I needed to choose between dolls or action figures and accessories for them. Dana the budding collector would usually choose a doll or an action figure. I had about three patterns for doll clothes OR I could trace the outline of outfits my dolls wore. My pieces were serviceable. I could "make" the outfits more like what a real person (i.e., ME) would wear.

Here are some pieces I made. I photographed them and then turned some of them inside out to show seams and hemming. In the first photo, I have a rose polyester blouse, a brown corduroy jumper, a white cotton full slip, a denim miniskirt, a gray midi skirt, a white polyester shirt for Michael of the Young Sweethearts, and a reproduction of a 19th Century set of white cotton bloomers.

I didn't have a sewing machine. Nor did I want one at the time. I used old clothes or small fabric swatches from fabric stores. Nothing elaborate. But I had fun. And my dolls had "original" clothes ;-D