Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goodtime Sunday ... the Flavas at Ease

Here are some of my Mattel's Flavas dolls enjoying the gorgeous, summery day.

Tika has been re-bodied onto a poser My Scene Madison body while Happy D has a My Scene Barbie body. The dog once belonged to Hilary Duff. Kiyoni Brown and Liam are all original. Tika holds a camera; today, she wears an extra Cheetah Girls outfit and a Jakks Pacific handbag. Where did she leave her shoes? Standing next to Tika, Kiyoni dances and waves at an approaching friend as Liam leans into Happy D to ask if she feels chilly.


Niel Camhalla said...

I don't think the Flavas reached our shore (at least not in a wide scale). I do get to see them in thrift stores. I like Liam. :)

D7ana said...

I like Liam, too. He's cute ;-)

I like all of the Flavas. I'm glad that some of the Flavas reached your shore, and I hope you find the best Liam you could want.

Leonaamon said...

I see you change out bodies. Do you know how to change out arms and legs? If so can you show us how? Is there a web group or a group that meets for that type of thing?

D7ana said...

Oh, yes, I must exchange bodies at times. Like when the heads are too big for the bodies they came with ....

Usually, I'm too lazy to change arms and/or legs. Arms, I don't see a problem with. Legs might be trickier.

I don't know of a group specifically devoted to re-bodying dolls - modifications are done but not the focus of a group, that I know of. I've seen arm and possibly leg exchanges, but I don't recall where offhand. I'll check and get back to you on the blog, in a new post.

Thanks for asking ;-D