Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sewing Samples from My Past

Back in the 1970s, I used to "make" my dolls clothes. Funds were limited: I had an allowance of $1.25 a week and daily lunch money. Even skimping on lunch, I needed to choose between dolls or action figures and accessories for them. Dana the budding collector would usually choose a doll or an action figure. I had about three patterns for doll clothes OR I could trace the outline of outfits my dolls wore. My pieces were serviceable. I could "make" the outfits more like what a real person (i.e., ME) would wear.

Here are some pieces I made. I photographed them and then turned some of them inside out to show seams and hemming. In the first photo, I have a rose polyester blouse, a brown corduroy jumper, a white cotton full slip, a denim miniskirt, a gray midi skirt, a white polyester shirt for Michael of the Young Sweethearts, and a reproduction of a 19th Century set of white cotton bloomers.

I didn't have a sewing machine. Nor did I want one at the time. I used old clothes or small fabric swatches from fabric stores. Nothing elaborate. But I had fun. And my dolls had "original" clothes ;-D


Dolls of Color said...

awww cool! when I was younger I used to make clothes for my teddy bear hehe

this is one of my very few completed attempts at sewing a dolly outfit - sewing experiment - I'd also given this doll a reroot with baby pink and lavender hair :)

Niel Camhalla said...

wow! you made those in the 70's? they're still in good condition. People can really be more creative when you limit their budget.

D7ana said...

Therese, that pajamas set is soo cute. It looks adorable on that Barbie. I like that you made something that could have been bought, but wouldn't likely have been made for Barbie. (Barbie usually wearing baby doll pjs or nightgowns.) Your flannel-look top and pants look classy.

D7ana said...

Thanks, Niel, for your kind words.

Yes, the outfits are still wearable ... no fragile fabrics? It's funny to think that handsewn stuff from 30 years ago outlasts some current stuff. Shrug.

Oh, yes, my limited budget did stimulate my creativity. Not finding the doll clothes that I wanted also helped ;-D