Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feeling Blue ... Need Paramus Cure

Okay, this is off-topic, but it segues to something on topic so I'm posting it anyway. Did my taxes today. Want to cry. No, not really, but the results aren't pretty. I owe the state, and my federal return just about covers the cost of Turbo Tax. Bye bye visions of Fashion Royalty dolls.

Sigh ... so I need a pick me up.

Buy Therapy is out. Did some Organizing Therapy yesterday. So I'm going to read some doll and action figure photostories. Roville doesn't have anything new ... that is, I'm caught up with those stories. So something cheery, something bright -- without a question, it's some Paramus Chronicles that I need to read.

The Paramus Chronicles are photostories by Michael aka GessHu100 who participates in various Yahoo DAF Groups. The Chronicles are stored on Webshots. I don't want to say more than they've got drama and humor and interesting interiors. Great place to go for some addictive doll and action figure storytelling. Here's the link:

Paramus Chronicles