Sunday, January 16, 2011

Generous Smiles on Asian DAFs - A Niel-Inspired Post

Niel submitted a post about finding an Asian doll with "a generous smile". So naturally, I had to dig through my collection - wink, wink any excuse would do, lol - to see if I had any grinning or close-to-tooth-baring Asian dolls or action figures. I found a few and wanted to share them with Niel and my visitors.

Please see from left to right on the back row: Aja of the Holograms (Jem band member), Kmart's Just Girlz Jade Princess, Banee of the Starlight Girls (Jem fan), Dorinda - oops, what is SHE doing there!?

Ack! Dorinda is NOT Asian or Asian American.

Front row also from left to right: Jackie Chan, Claudia from the Babysitters' Club, Happy Family child, and Smartees' Amanda.

Just have to find out the wise guy or gal who inserted Dorinda ... But there we go. Broad Asian smiles.