Friday, December 2, 2011

Price Query: My Scene Madison, Sutton, and a Little Black Convertible

I could use a little help from my friends.

I have a My Scene Cruisin' in My Ride gift set that includes Madison, Sutton, and a black convertible with leopard-patterned seat covers. Cool, huh? Yes, I think so. At last, a Barbie car in a color one might actually have - aside from the many red vehicles she has had. Since I have two red cars already, this black one was a welcome change.

My dilemma? Setting a price to this gift set and deciding whether I should sell this item. So I check to find out what price for this gift set. No reports on this gift set. So I look up the Barbie-Ellis Convertible gift set on - and you might be surprised to find that set at $142.29 . Whoa! Price inflation is common among collectibles on Amazon - and I am NOT criticizing that pricing. Sellers can set any price they want. Whether the item is bought, well, that is another story. Usually, I set "fair" prices. Either the market value when I bought the item or something more to consider the current demand. prices. And if you really want something, well, you might pay that price. But Amazon also has an exclusive Delancey-Hudson-silver car for $99.99. It seems to be that the prices should be reversed. I have NEVER seen the Delancey-Hudson set

I saw TONS of Barbie-Ellis-convertible sets back in those early My Scene years. Tons of them. But I only found ONE Madison-Sutton-convertible set. At a Kmart in southwest Philly, in a neighborhood called Eastwick. I fell in love with the car. Sutton and Madison looked the same as they did usually. So what should I charge for mine? Mine that I cannot find on the Internet when I checked for it.

Here are some photos so you can help me decide.

These accessories include: a drugged puppy that floats under Madison's arm, a molded plastic purse, his (blue) and hers (rose) sunglasses, a camera, a cell phone, and a few other things. Something I find odd is that while the box illustrations have Madison and Sutton drawn in instead of Barbie and Ellis, the overlarge fake foot/shoe that Madison wears seems to be the fake foot/shoe for Barbie - it looks pinkish instead of pinky-brown like Madison's complexion.

Another thing to consider: the shipping. I know that will be expensive. Finding a box to fit this will be trying, too. So I'll wait to hear from my online friends.