Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Twilight Dolls Coming - Thanks, Lubo!

Lubo posted this information on FaceBook. So he's the Scoop King today. Thanks, Lubo!

Mattel sure knows how to work a license, don't they? Guess what they have coming out in 2013? MORE Twilight dolls! Yes! I have only seen photos of two of the dolls - Jasper and Rosalie. Jasper has rooted, curly hair - okay, he's on my list. Rosalie, meh ... wiggles fingers ... I don't know. She's got the chalky complexion and red eyes so she's probably one of the vampire characters.

The others listed are Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle. I think there is one Twilight character who is supposed to have dreadlocks ... is he Emmett? I might get him then. Oh, wouldn't it be grand if Mattel did dreadlocks? I mean they have done their style cornrow, but the locks would have to be thicker and rougher textured. I am all for thicker hair, lol.

I should check on these characters. Maybe tomorrow. But it's fun to share a scoop from FB here in the blogzone.  

Sigh. No Emmett is a Cullen. So he's related to Edward. Sigh. Okay, the Twilight fans can have a big laugh at my expense. Screwing up the characters. Sigh. Okay, I am still a little sore that I recognize the names "Edward" and "Bella" in association with that movie. The one with dreadlocks might be "Laurent."

Time I settled down. I might have terrible nightmares of listening to Bella whine and/or Edward sprout insipid rot. Shudder, shudder.

Retro Plastic Rainwear Play

Rainy day Monday was followed by Overcast Tuesday. Nikki and Tamaki found two older rain garments and decided to show off the fashions. Imagine someone actually thinking these fashions were cool? Ha, ha, ha. Nikki wears the red and yellow plastic raincoat while Tamaki wears the blue rain cape with green collar. Nothing says classy like plastic rain wear!

Melody overhears their plans and quickly dons her old raincoat and boots. Her hair looks unruly because - in her haste to catch up with the teenagers - she ran out before her Mummy could finish brushing her hair. Mummy will not be pleased with that.

The girls hear Melody behind them and wait for her to catch up. What's such a little girl doing out alone in the park? Why are her pigtails hanging like that? Melody wants to take a picture in her old raincoat. Nikki pauses to consider. Would Melody prefer to return - after her Mummy does her hair - and have her photo taken then? No, no, no. Melody wants her photo taken here and now. (Mummy might not let Melody back out again or it might rain or anything could happen to stop her having a photo taken in the park.) Tamaki agrees that Melody's mother would not likely allow Melody out again. So they allow Melody one photo before they take her home. Here are their photos below:

The plastic rain wear worn by Nikki and Tamaki are generic fashions from the 1970-80s. They are NOT Mattel fashions ... at least, I doubt that they are. Melody's raincoat, dress, hat, and boots are Mattel fashions though ... they are part of a rainy day set from 2005.