Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top Ten DAFs of 2009: Girl's Mission Mai at 3

Manufacturer: Aoshima/Skynet
Series: Girl's Mission
Character Name: No. 4 Mai
Box Year, if Noted: Alas, I did not note the year

Why is Mai on the Top Ten list?

Oh me, oh Mai! This teen wonder nearly made number one on the Top 10 List. Cute, solemn, intelligent face. Slightly heavier build. Can she pose? Can I write my name? (Yes to both.) I had considered buying the Aoshima/Skynet Girl's Mission dolls for years before finding Mai on sale at HobbyLink Japan. I wrestled my credit card away from the Barbie-Momoko-Fashion Royalty factions to make the purchase. Am I glad that I did? Yes, I am.

Sometimes, you have an instant connection with a doll or action figure. He or she or it talks to you. I looked at Mai, and her story unfolded. She's the younger sister of Ladies' Mission Street Nun Kyoko Tenryu. Since her parents are dead and her sister is a sister (I love puns), Mai lives at the East Philadelphia Orphanage. She has a pet rat, Willow. More to unfurl in future posts.

Why is Mai third on the Top Ten list?

Mai is one of the best poseable dolls I have: 18 points of articulation. Yes, she could have had smaller hands. Yes, she could have had tighter ankles. Yes, she could have had less frizzy hair. Of those three "problems," the big hands bother me the most. Otherwise, Mai would have topped the List.

Mai is still available at Nouveau Toys for $89.95 BEFORE postage.

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This is my last post of 2009. Happy New Year to All.

Top Ten DAFs of 2009: Olga Tañón at 4

Manufacturer: Haschel Toys
Series: Not applicable
Character Name: Olga Tañón
Box Year, if Noted: 2000

Why is Olga Tañón on the Top Ten list?

Her face. Okay, the doll is not traditionally pretty. Her nose is long; her mouth is wide. But just as Kajol stands out on a shelf, so, too, does Olga. I would say that none of my other dolls look like her, but one does: Mattel's Kate Jackson doll from the late 1970s. Shrug. Still, Olga provides ethnic variation. And she looks snarky-smart.

Why is Olga fourth on the List?

Limited articulation. She trumps Kajol a point because Olga's knees do bend, but otherwise, think standard Barbie twist and turn body. Since her torso is a little wider than Barbie's torso, Olga cannot wear many of the modern Barbie fashions. (The outfits do not completely close.) She may have to borrow Candi and Janay fashions. Or I might get unlazy enough to make her some outfits.

I bought Olga from Beautiful Dolls where she is available for $29.99.

Information about the human Puerto Rican singer Olga Tañón can be found on her website or on her Wikipedia page.