Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fashionistas Seen at Walmart

For Philly locals seeking these 3 new Fashionistas, I saw them at Walmart. They were hidden behind many blond Barbie Fashionistas. If you prefer to buy your dolls online, also has them at "Rollback" prices - $7.94 each, which means you save $2.03 on each doll. While that might not seem a big reduction, it does add up. Almost like buy 2, get one free. Almost ;-)

Blue-eyed, light complected Asha-faced doll

Walmart link for light complected Asha-faced doll. The Asha face sculpt was one of the original Black face sculpts for the Shani line. Mattel issuing the doll in a lighter complexion does not make the doll "White." I consider her a bi-racial Asha. Her blue eyes and lighter complexion give her enough of a difference to warrant adding her to my collection. I like her necklace and the sensible flat shoes, too.

Fair-complected, Lea-faced doll

Walmart link for fair complected Lea-faced doll. I don't have a match for this face, hair arrangement, and complexion so I might get this doll. How can I resist that Meow cat tee shirt? So she's second on my list.

Brown complected, Goddess-faced doll

Walmart link for brown complected Goddess-faced doll. She's a lovely doll, but I have several dolls about this complexion so I am not likely to get this one. I don't care for the outfit either. Shrug.

Ms. Leo reported seeing these dolls at a Family Dollar store. I am submitting this post to mention that these dolls are appearing at Walmart and to share the sale price. So anyone who'd like that pale Lea-faced doll, maybe the price reduction will tip that doll into your shopping cart. Maybe?