Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sizzling Summer Sale $10 EACH

Yes, I remain an avid doll collector.

However, the time has long since come (and gone) when I need more space. When some dolls and a few action figures even, need new homes. I have mentioned "downsizing" or "rightsizing" or reducing my collection many times. More times than can be counted, I suppose. So here's my attempt to win on two points - more space AND more funds - Sizzling Summer Sale. Ten dollar dolls!

Any one of the dolls listed below is $10 - postage NOT included. Orders over $75.00, I will accept Paypal. Other orders, please send U.S. postal money order or a Walmart money order, for payment. Please send orders through the comments (which I won't post; just want to give my readers first chance) and include your e-mail address and name with the order. Do allow time for me to weigh your package, too. Canada, Mexico, and overseas readers, let me know your interest; we'll work something out.

Thanks for looking!

All below are NRFT (Never Removed From Tube) or NRFB (Never Removed From Box)

Fashion Fever Barbie

Wave A
Drew, H0653, pink satin jacket and net tutu skirt
Kayla, H0651, silver net jacket, pink net skirt
Teresa, H0658, striped knee high socks, red furry vest, denim skirt

Wave B
Kayla, H0662, silver jacket, red tank, gray heather miniskirt

Wave C
Kayla, pink flamingo top, pink-tan print skirt but powdery residue on doll face

Wave F
Drew, H0895, red tee w. monkey appliqué, pale blue miniskirt
Kayla, H0892, lilac jacket, orange tee shirt
Kayla, H0893, pink mini jumper, gray-green tank
Teresa, H0897, white tee shirt, mint vest, brown print pants

Wave N
Barbie, Styled by me Barbie

Wave R
Barbie MT, purple top, blue jeans
Barbie MT, pink plaid jacket, blue jeans
Drew/Skipper PJ, pink strawberry pjs
Teresa PJ, black hair, pale complexion

Wave T
MT Drew, pink-white lacey dress, blonde hair

Wave U
#J1381 pale complexion, black haired Kayla?

Wave V
#J1410 Barbie, pink mini dress w. painted jewel inset
#J1413 Drew, apricot fur jacket, black mini skirt?

#K3676 Holiday Barbie

My Scene Delancey
My Scene Chelsea Rebel Style
My Scene Madison Rebel Style
My Scene Nolee Rebel Style
My Scene Nolee Just Chillin’

Birthstone Beauties: May Miss Emerald (Black) 2007
Birthstone Beauties: November Miss Topaz (White) 2007

Barbie as Veronica

Barbie Diaries Courtney

These are my first lot to go.

And never fear ... I will be collecting MORE dolls and action figures.

Friday, June 18, 2010

New So in Style Pairs at Angelic Dreamz!

Angelic Dreamz has the new So in Style Grace and Darren date set and the new "Kara" and Trichelle shopping set. (Note: the Kara in that set looks like Chandra.)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wizard World Philadelphia - New Dolls and Action Figures

The bad news is that I won't be attending the

Comic Con 2010
Wizard World Convention
JUNE 11-12-13, 2010


the Pennsylvania Convention Center
1101 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

The good news? Well, someone else can go. Please share any links or reports. Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Selling Again ... Links to Photos

Here I go again ... selling. Need to clear space AND to get funds.

I have dolls shown at these sites:



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sixth Scale Finds at the 2010 Black Doll Show

I confess: when I attended the International Black Doll Show at the Convention Center in downtown Philadelphia, I thought I would not see any playscale dolls or action figures. Wasn't I pleasantly surprised by these finds? See the following photos:

O.J. Simpson (no comment), Bob Scout (help, Roxanne! Is that Bob?), and a character from Welcome Back, Kotter whose name I don't recall.

Mod era Julias in original Julia fashions by Mattel.

Venus or Serena Williams and Integrity Toys' African Legends Janay.

I think the name of the black female in silvery armor is Nubia, but I don't recall her character other than that. My younger brother was the Wonder Woman t.v. show fan. Something about Lynda Carter twirling around, LOL.

Integrity Toys' African Legends Nakia.

All dolls photographed were available for sale by doll dealer Linda Hayes.

More information about the International Black Doll Show will appear in a Philadelphia Examiner article.

Aja Finds New Shoes! Ladys Mission to the Rescue

Hey, hey, hey ... it's Aja!

But is she falling? No, she's so excited about the red kitten-heeled shoes fitting her that she's hamming it up by pretending to fall. Where'd she find those red heels? Aoshima/Skynet's Street Princess lent them to her. Nouveau Toys sent me an online brochure about their new doll shoe and clothes line. So I wanted to see if any of my other DAFs could fit the Aoshima/Skynet shoes. Conclusion: only Aja of the Holograms can fit the Aoshima/Skynet Ladys Mission shoes. Other dolls attempting this Cinderella-in-reverse act were Bbi Perfect Body Hispanic, Kenner's Darci, Get Set Club's Vanessa, Dragon in Dreams' Miss Fear, and YNU Group's Emerald. So if you want new shoes for your Jem and Jem friends/foes, check your Ladys Mission shoe closet.

Can the Ladys Mission ladies wear Jem shoes? Sorry ... no. Aja's feet are a softer, pliable vinyl/plastic while the Ladys Mission feet are hard, rigid plastic that do not yield to fit the moderately stiff Jem heels. So the Ladys Mission dolls cannot borrow Jem shoes - not the greatest hardship for them since the Jem shoes tend to be purple or pink or other garish - um - vivid colors.

Which shoe knowledge brings me back to the top of my post about Nouveau Toys's new line of fashion doll or action doll footwear. They have Uggs-type boots and some other spiffy, tailored low-heeled shoes for the Ladys Mission feet. So for those Jem and Misfits fans - there might be even more shoe selection for your difficult to fit ladies.

Aside to the crafts-inclined visitors: on Nouveau Toys' Links page, they list other 1:6 scale miniaturists. Perhaps you, too, can get your Etsy/craft link there. Worth a try, hmmm? Good luck!