Monday, July 6, 2009

More Links About Mattel Twilight Edward - Darn

I did say that I did NOT like the Twilight movie, didn't I?

I couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted to pop Bella or Edward first. Long, boring pauses with "deep soul-gazing" looks made me long for a fast forward button. The Edward deep-sniffing Bella bit struck me as funny, crazy, and impertinent. Was this a commercial stressing the importance of soap, water, DEODORANT, and the frequent application of the three? Mercifully, I don't recall the dialogue - but I recall shaking my head. A lot. When the "bad vampires" went after Bella, I hoped that they would get her. I howled in disappointment when they didn't.

I did NOT like the movie Twilight.

So now, I am getting my comeuppance for plotting on dolls based on a movie I did NOT like ...

On Toys R, Edward is described as having golden eyes and "shimmering" skin. I "translated" that description to "hazel eyes and really pale skin." I'll pretend he has a skin disease. Then I read an article in Orato, an online magazine: Robert Pattinson Gets Own Barbie Doll in which the Edward doll is described as having "semi-transparent skin" and "red-rimmed eyes." So much for my assertion to another collector, that the Twilight doll would look "normal" because "He's by Mattel. They'll want to re-use the head." Ha!

It's like the movie bit [me] back through the Mattel dolls. Sigh.