Monday, July 6, 2009

More Links About Mattel Twilight Edward - Darn

I did say that I did NOT like the Twilight movie, didn't I?

I couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted to pop Bella or Edward first. Long, boring pauses with "deep soul-gazing" looks made me long for a fast forward button. The Edward deep-sniffing Bella bit struck me as funny, crazy, and impertinent. Was this a commercial stressing the importance of soap, water, DEODORANT, and the frequent application of the three? Mercifully, I don't recall the dialogue - but I recall shaking my head. A lot. When the "bad vampires" went after Bella, I hoped that they would get her. I howled in disappointment when they didn't.

I did NOT like the movie Twilight.

So now, I am getting my comeuppance for plotting on dolls based on a movie I did NOT like ...

On Toys R, Edward is described as having golden eyes and "shimmering" skin. I "translated" that description to "hazel eyes and really pale skin." I'll pretend he has a skin disease. Then I read an article in Orato, an online magazine: Robert Pattinson Gets Own Barbie Doll in which the Edward doll is described as having "semi-transparent skin" and "red-rimmed eyes." So much for my assertion to another collector, that the Twilight doll would look "normal" because "He's by Mattel. They'll want to re-use the head." Ha!

It's like the movie bit [me] back through the Mattel dolls. Sigh.


Dolls of Color said...

oh gosh yes! the movie was so cringey... my eyes got tired from rolling (and it also made me feel old watching teenagers lol)... looking forward to seeing the dolls in real life though :)

D7ana said...

Yes, I do want to see the dolls.

The next movie ... nah. Caught me once, shame on them. Twice, shame on me LOL