Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hasbro Guy Identified: The Defender

The Mystery has been solved, thanks to SuperCoolDollHouse and TheRealDollNerd.

In my July 2, 2009 post, I show a 12" action figure whom I call "my Hasbro guy." Well, SuperCoolDollHouse showed the photo to TheRealDollNerd who identified my Hasbro guy as "The Defender."

I think that Don America aka "The Defender" is pleased to have his identity restored.


Dolls of Color said...

ewww you have ads everywhere now :P

D7ana said...

Ah, yes. Ads galore. On the side and between posts. Ads, ads, ads.

I thought I would try them on ;-D

If they seem too intrusive, etc., I'll scrap them.

Niel said...

So thats who he is!

Does TheRealDollNerd have a blog or website?

D7ana said...

I don't know if TheRealDollNerd has a blog or website. I'll have to ask SuperCoolDollhouse. I would love to link to TheRealDollNerd's blog or website; the more doll and action figure fans, the better knowledge base.

D7ana said...

Re: whether TheRealDollNerd has a blog or website ... I see under SuperCoolDollhouse's links a Blog called Confessions of a Doll Nerd. So I think there may be a blog by TheRealDollNerd coming. Yay! Another playscale blog!