Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mixis Dolls -- Rosa and Opal Here!

Draft from September 13, 2008 Posted Today:

September 13 at the Black Latino Expo in the Convention Center, I saw the Mixis dolls, Opal and Rosa. Dolls Like Me were selling those two dolls at the Expo. (Emerald is on back order at so they didn't have any Emeralds to show.)

The Mixis dolls resemble the Fashion Royalty dolls in that they have collar bones, but they also remind me of prettier versions of the Get Set Club dolls that were produced/sold by a local doll maker, Jenny Baker back 1999-2000.

Rosa's knee boots are amazing: they have a center seam down the front of the boot and they have a full zip back. The boxes are sturdy enough to hold the dolls and several outfits and accessories.