Monday, December 14, 2009

Red-haired Male - Defa Lucy's Happy Family Father

Usually, I see this type of doll, avert my face, and shudder. Cheap. Cheesy. Ick.

But I saw this set in a Forman Mills' discount shop and thought, wow! This guy has RED hair and a character face. Think bouncing red ball excitement. And he's an ethnic redhead. Add fluttering hands and oooooohhhhhhs. In my head is where this action occurs ... don't want to get tossed out of a store for acting odd. Sigh. Externally think great, giddy grin and impatient hops while walking.

On the back of the box, there is a photo of the Caucasian Happy Family in the Defa Lucy series. He's redheaded, too. And these guys are jointed.

Forman Mills had other Defa Lucy sets. I've also seen this series at A.J. Wright stores. They are Barbie clones. Very good Barbie likeness, but otherwise, on the cheaper end of Barbie clones. And they come with interesting accessories and even more interesting copy on the boxes. Lucy's male companion in one set is described as her "lover." Eyes sparkle and deep grin spreads ... imagine those Walmart mommies with their fuss about married Midge being pregnant and NOT having her husband Alan in the same box! Evil cackle escapes me. It's just that easy to fall in love with a new series.

Defa Lucy is produced by Guangzhou Lebay Children Articles Co., LTD.