Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bought at Toys R Us South Philly Store

While I have mixed feelings about Toys R Us, I still wanted to walk the aisles one more time - at least - before they closed. So I stopped by the South Philadelphia branch on Oregon Avenue. I was too anxious to photograph anything so I'll just show one of the two dolls that I bought. I paid the market price for this one because she's one I really wanted. I later learned that I could have bought the other, Disney Princess Belle from the Emma Watson version, for $5.99 at Ross Dress for Less stores. Sigh.

The doll I bought is one of the Mattel WWE wrestlers, Becky Lynch. I didn't see any Sasha Banks with the extra green dress and black pump shoes. This store had a few of the 6-doll set, but a.) I don't know that I want all of those dolls, and b.) I prefer the outfits on the single or the extra fashion dolls. Becky wears a pair of steampunk-themed leggings that I like - for her (not ever for me, lol). Her top is meh, matching the leggings but not striking. I like the black ankle boots. I don't imagine Wonder Woman borrowing the outfit, but she might borrow the boots. Maybe. Here's the Mattel box photo of this doll followed by the photo of my doll.