Sunday, July 15, 2012

Survey for More Articulated Barbie Bodies

How often have we collector-enthusiasts longed for Mattel to create more articulated dolls, in different heights and different complexions? A long, long, long time. Well, one of us has taken some action towards this problem. Meet Leslie.

Doll photographer, diorama creator, and writer Leslie whose Flickr account shows some of her doll characters and story lines has created a survey to address this problem. Please stop by and complete it.

Thanks, Leslie, for your efforts. Here is to more articulated Barbie bodies!

Outta This World - New JLS Dolls

Remember the JLS dolls mentioned in a December 2011 post? Check these photos out. I leave one word for the first photo - OUCH! Want to have all four of the JLS guys wearing their "Outta This World," outfits? Find them on Only $70.08 USD for all four guys - BEFORE postage though ;-D

Depending on where you are, postage might be another thing outta this world, lol.